Agusan Sur, Caraga under floods

Just tonight when I opened my facebook I was caught in panic when I caught sight of the photos of flooded streets in Butuan City. It got me even worried when more photos flashed before my very eyes taken from Bayugan which is actually very much connected to my home – town – Esperanza. I got stuck in front of my computer hoping to grasp some bits of information from back home. Luckily, I was able to gather some and was relieved that rain has stopped and flood waters just start subsiding  but just the same looking at these pics made my heart bleed.

The flooded streets of Butuan City.

Another shot on the floods of the streets of Butuan.

I really don't know which part of Butuan City this is, hopefully nobody is at home while this pic was taken.

More pics are to be found in this link. Benjie Calo – Baha Baha Baha

This is a scary view of the flood waters in Agusan Sur even leveling up with the Wawa Bridge.

As far as I know, this scenery in Sibagat just never happened before but now.

Another sad view of the flooded streets of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur.

More of these pics in this link. Baha sa Agusan del Sur by Sheryl Tabili.

Philippine Normal University - Agusan Campus in her most pitiful state.

Classes are supposed to be held here by now but the waters invaded the rooms keeping students out for days.

The PNU-AC classrroms submerged in flood waters.

More pics from this site. Baha sa Prosperidad by SF Radio.

Below is  a news article taken from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Visayas, parts of Mindanao told to brace for floods, slides ‘til Thursday

I just hope and pray that the rains will finally come to a full halt so to keep the scenario from getting worst. My heart goes out to all my fellow Caraganons who became victims of this catastrophe.

enzo 😦


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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5 Responses to Agusan Sur, Caraga under floods

  1. huhuhu…i was shocked when i saw the pics of PNU. i never imagined it to be that worst. lets keep on praying for the affected families. lor, the 4th pic is wawa bridge.

  2. rose says:

    Jesus!dugay ra wala ngbaha karon ra utro and d ko inaasahan na mgyayari to this year..sana all are safe!lets pray together guys..Bayugan is very near to my house.

  3. sheryl says:

    sa sibagat na xa na pix na naa baha after tulay sa wawa.. but happy to see..

  4. Mercy says:

    Jan 2,m0nday I heard the news already,i tried to open the links but cudnt see it.i called back h0me but every numbr I dialled was out of c0verage..i slept in prayers for the safety of my fmly and kbayan.tuesday jan 3,i when I opened my faceb0ok,oh n0,as pnu was bathing in fl0ods,i was fl0oded with tears..i cant a4d to see my h0me in a breathtaking view..the h0me where ive g0t ol my f0undati0ns of who I am n0w..i tried to gather m0re pics so as to l0cate wats hapening 2 my h0met0wn surigao city.tnx g0d,n0t that bad as agusan..but I c0uld feel im dr0wnd watchng pnu in that scene.

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