Alma Mater in Distress

Inang Guro

Inang Guro: She ushered me in with so much warmth and compassion.

October, year 2000 when she welcomed me with open arms unmindful of my past.  She ushered me in with so much warmth and compassion towards her hearth giving me nothing but the best that she can bestow. I sensed the joy of belonging  right that very moment with her strokes of tenderness and amity. With her watchful eyes, I mingled with her other sons and daughters. She was always swift  to come to my rescue when I fall down and was always gentle with my misdeeds. She was always ready to lend both ears to hear my whines and grumbles about so many things in life . She was always there to give me words of wisdom to keep me fighting with my own battles. For years,  she  guided me through that elusive quest for a diploma constantly taking track of my whereabouts so to keep me sauntering in the precise trail leading toward my objective. She beamed with pride and delight to see me together with the rest of her offspring took the center stage to accept the rewards of our triumph. She rejoiced with us in our victory though I distinguished a melancholic look in her eyes. Despite of her  hesitation  to send us out to the vast world, she lovingly see us through,  even opening various opportunities for  us to put into practice what she has inculcated in our minds and hearts.

Graduates of 2004: She rejoiced with us in our victory though her eyes reflect sadness for our departure.

January 3, year 2011, an immense misfortune befall upon her. Like a treacherous thief in the night, raging waters came rushing towards her  drowning her incessantly.  She was submerged in filthy flood waters drenching even her most valued possessions. She was defenseless. She was helpless. When the heartless perpetrators left her, she was in enormous misery and in great havoc. They ruined her austere loveliness and destroyed her physical attributes punishing her even more by leaving such an excruciating  wound that will take years to heal.

Soaked: Raging waters came ravaging her mercilessly.

Now, she is in misery. She needs her sons and daughters to help her up on her feet anew. From afar, I could hear her pleas for comfort and relief. I can hear her fading voice in the midst of her sobs…weeps.

Ruined: The perpetrators left her broken and wounded which will take years to heal.

She is in immeasurable distress. She is my beloved Alma Mater. She is Philippine Normal University – Agusan Campus…my dearest PNU – AC.

Alma Mater Cries. May her sons and daughters near and far take heed and do a little share in helping her get up on her knees.

enzo 😦


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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One Response to Alma Mater in Distress

  1. lyzyl says:

    O alma mater bawat guro’y ina..dala’y ilaw..sadyang tanglaw…
    Lagi kang patnubay ng bayan ko kailan pa man…

    sori if mali ang lyrics ha? hay…I dont want to see the scenes..the ruins..they made me feel uncomfortable…wish to wake up if this is a nightmare…

    but AJA!!! in time, my beloved alma mater will stand…and will continue be the trailblazer in teacher-training education…

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