Songs do Magic in School

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I was called to fill in a two-hour class of kids with ages ranging from 8 to 10 years old in a Language Center today  and it took me back to my very first year of teaching in Butuan where I taught Sibika at Kultura (Social Studies) to English speaking students who were in Grade 1.

I recall having a 69% rate (which is really a disaster…) in my Class  Proficiency Level  during an exam proving that I failed in my job as their teacher. Well, my excuses would be: First, I taught the subject in Filipino to kids aged 7 years old when in fact, I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring in English and secondly, since it was my first year being in the real arena of teaching, I have not yet developed specific strategies on how to deal  with students especially children since  I was groomed to mentor high school learners. Uhm…those sure are pretty good excuses but they actually don’t change the fact that my performance was far from satisfactory.

Today’s class was a little different however. I was armed with an  effective armor when I went inside the battlefield…I carried with me an ammunition that turned my enemies into my friends, playmates and pupils too. You bet, I shoot those naughty little boys and girls with an action song that made my war with them truly merry. When I went in the classroom for the first time and saw that they have a new teacher, they met me with an inquisitive look, the kind of calculating stares that I really hate because they actually intimidate me.

“It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who make the world go round.

It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who make the world go round.

It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who make the world go round.

It’s I who make the world go round”

I saw some eyes gleaming when they heard the upbeat tune.  The naughty boys who were restless just a while back sat in attention and mimicked  while I sang the rest of it. Then, I introduced the actions and called them to stand and sing and dance with me.

Roll over the ocean, roll over the sea.

Roll over the ocean and the deep blue sea.

Roll over the ocean, roll over the sea.

Roll over the ocean and the deep blue sea.

In no time, they were singing and dancing with me. The following minutes, I was on with my lesson and got them participate when I asked them to do so.

See? It worked. It’s the simple song that made the charm in there.

And oh…if I may add, this trick did spell wonders even to the 5th year students in my school…

enzo  🙂


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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3 Responses to Songs do Magic in School

  1. proven and tested na gyud na songs dong. thats why i like kids kay maatik cla ug songs… just last week, i had a 50-min sing and dance to my kids….hahaha imagina nga hapit na cla maghalhal ug kumanta ug sumayaw….but they enjoyed a lot 🙂

  2. neverbn2me says:

    reminds me of my elementary days…hmmm. i’m wondering if i could try that with adult English learners. ^^ by the way, my word press keeps on saying: error. what’s up??? i couldn’t publish any today. 😦

  3. shila says:

    Just read this blog and i’m surprised with the song u taught..this is the song that i’m planning to teach in my class tomorrow…hehehe…my topic is pronoun…
    Super agree ako jan…before i start my class , i always have this kind of drill, otherwise magkagubot jud ang kalibutan..hehehe..this is to warm this up before i start my lesson…then, they are all set and are prepared for the day’s lesson..:-)))

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