Cool Mondays and Easy Going Students

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Mondays are always relaxing days for me since I have only two classes – one in the morning and one in the afternoon which gives me so much time for farmville, cityville, update facebook stats and now blogging. But wait, where does class preparation go now? It stays in between these activities although it get’s seldom visited. Don’t get me wrong. You might think I’m becoming a passive and ineffective employee, its just that my preparation for one meeting goes to more more weeks of dispensation.  Since I am teaching conversation English, I prefer to take time to do one on one conversation with my students just to practice their speaking skill.

I often wonder why with all those English classes these students have such as Reading Classes, Grammar Classes of which they have different teachers for each, why could they still not speak good English or rather why can’t they speak English at all? One reason is that because students don’t speak much during classes. They only listen or take down notes which explains why most students have very nice and neat penmanships but seldom do they talk using the target language. As an elementary pupil, I remember to be a constant volunteer everytime my teachers call for oral recitations (except for Math anyways…) and that’s how I developed my confidence in speaking. Speaking of confidence, most of my students here don’t talk because they are afraid of losing their face when they commit mistake which is something culture related factor. Another culture related factor is their culture of “sabai sabai (relax relax or take things easily)” which in my own opinion is the reason why students don’t take English classes seriously. They often give English half hearted treatment well except for some few who really exert effort to speak and learn the language by heart.

With these, I also learn to take things easily with the way I handle and carry out my lesson. I give them just a spoonful of knowledge every  meeting just enough for my relaxed students to digest and swallow which explains why a single class preparation takes weeks or a month to carry out. Let me just put it in the perspective that it is much better for the students to learn a single sentence in a day rather than not having learned anything at all.

enzo 🙂


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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    hmmm…maybe not all the time…^^

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