World Class Beauties

Maria Venus Raj is undoubtedly one major pride of the Philippines.

There was a great jubilation back in the Philippines when Venus  Raj garnered the 4th Runner – Up title during the Miss Universe Pageant held in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the next big beauty events were left unpublicized, so I browsed the net to find out and here’s the summary I got.

Miss Universe 2010

Venus Raj, Yendi Phillips, Jimena Navarrete, Anna Poslavska, Mariana Paola Vincente


  • Miss Universe 2010 – Mexico
  • 1st Runner – Up – Jamaica
  • 2nd Runner – Up – Australia
  • 3rd Runner -Up – Ukraine
  • 4th Runner Up – Philippines

Miss Thailand Universe 2010. Fontip Watcharatrakul

  • Miss Thailand – Miss Photogenic, Best National Costume

Miss World 2010

The Top 5: Venezuela, Botswana, USA, Ireland and China

  • Miss World 2010 – USA
  • 1st Runner – Up – Botswana
  • 2nd Runner – Up – Venezuela
  • 3rd Runner – Up – Ireland
  • 4th Runner – Up – China

  • Thailand – placed in the Top 25 finalists

Miss International 2010

Magic 3: Thailand, Venezuela and China


  • Miss International 2010 – Miss Venezuela
  • 1st Runner – Up – Thailand
  • 2nd Runner -Up – China

Bb. Pilipinas - International. Krista Kleiner

  • Miss Philippines – Miss Talent, Miss Expressive

Miss Earth 2010

The Earth's Loveliest. Ecuador, India, Thailand and Puerto Rico.


  • Miss Earth 2010 – India
  • Miss Fire – Puerto Rico
  • Miss Water – Thailand
  • Miss Air – Ecuador

The year 2011 will be another year to look forward to and precisely local and international beauty pageants add spices to the main dish of what this year has to offer.

Who knows, Miss Philippines will have lady luck smiling at her this time.

enzo 🙂


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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