On Choices…

Emotions. It's your choice. Pick one now.

In  life we always have to make a choice. Oftentimes, these choices determine where, what and how we are now.


We can choose to be an obedient child or being the “black sheep” in the family.

We can choose to take our studies seriously or just shrug off about it.

We can surely choose to be in the company of good people or join the delinquent ones.

We can choose to marry early or wait for the perfect time to settle down.

As an ADULT…

We have a choice whether –

…to marry or stay single,

…to stay in a job forever or venture in an unknown adventure,

…to live responsibly or live in passivity,


We all have option to…

– be happy or sad,

– love or hate,

– be humble or be arrogant,

– forgive or bear grudge,

– keep quite or be loud,

-be  true to ourselves or pretend to be somebody we aren’t.

Life is a choice.

We always have to choose between crossroads. While it is also true that in some cases, we also are to pick between the “devil and the deep ocean” where we end up losing whichever we choose, the thing is, our option is only to make a choice. In the same way, there are no perfect choices, there are always pros and cons. All we have to remember is to make the best of every choice we make in life, and if ever we pick the wrong ones, there is always a room to make them right.

Now, that is the best choice.


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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  1. j.alms says:

    a lot of people need to read this post.. this is great and very helpful..

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