Beauty and Innocence

Rico is 4, Miguelle is 3…both kids are born in Singapore from a Filipino dad – Adig and a Chinese mom – Michelle. I have never met them in person but I have seen much of them through the lenses and the flashes of their dad’s camera and  that’s how I got inspired not only once but twice to scribble my admiration in poetry and to put into words my thoughts about them and how they remind me of my own nephews and nieces during their childhood days where I used to be a baby-sitter to them.

Such adorable little creatures whose beauty are elaborately captured in the art called photography. I may have seen pictures so craftily and skillfully taken in the past…but never had I seen such awe-inspiring subjects that even awakened that slumbering poet soul of mine.

From the album Twilight.

Below is a poem inspired by this angel the very first time I took sight of her photographs.

how sweet…how lovely…how angelic
… her eyes reflect the innocence
and the beauty of childhood
… her face mirrors the candid delight
and the purity of heart
as the lenses capture
…her sweetness
…her loveliness
…her innocence

she stirs my poetic heart
that i may inscribe
…her sweetness
…her loveliness
…her innocence

in words…in rhyme…in poetry…


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Hello...hello baby, I can't hear a thing.

Presenting Coco…

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I need somebody to love…I need somebody…I need somebody…

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And if ever you wondered where these kids got their looks, check this out!


Be the judge!


enzo 🙂


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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