February is Here

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Here comes the last day of January of this year. February is right outside our doorstep ready to come in tomorrow. So what is something to look forward to next month? Hmmnn… Valentines Day. But this year will be a different one with out my constant dates back home. This will be another occassion without them just as I miss them in all the occasions that passed such as birthdays, parties and even just the ordinary days we sleep so late at night by talking about the same things and laughing at them over and over again as if we din’t spend the whole day together in the same working place.

Examination days is fast approaching which actually is a prelude to the School Break but even this doesn’t give me a feeling of excitement knowing I will not be going home for the holidays. Homecoming is not an option for me yet since it would only mean spending and spending then coming back here starting from scratch again.

Well, the brighter side is that, the coming days would mean rest and plenty of rest.  Holidays would mean  trips around the kingdom too and maybe just maybe short visits in its nearby countries.

enzo 🙂



About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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One Response to February is Here

  1. iris says:

    valentines day is a day that I always anticipate yet when it comes, i end up sulking…hope i will have a memorable February in the near future…

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