The Night Bazaar

Festive Colors

Phitsanulok continues to get its way into my heart with its simple city life, picturesque views, warm people, good food, good job and the very good reason that many Filipinos have made this city a Pinoy haven. It feels like home away from home actually.

Adorable Thai Kids

Another thing is, this city just never runs out of reasons to celebrate.  All national celebrations are all observed here with a bang and complete with everything there has to be.

Colorful Art

Thai celebrations will never be the same without these night bazaars. It is actually a one-stop shop for everyone who seeks for good bargain for their hard earned money. Name it, you can find it here.


Orchids, ready to plant trees, fountains and decorative for your garden. They are all in here.

Giant "Balimbing"

I have never seen “balimbing” as huge as these. And oh, you can shop for more – strawberries, mangoes, guavas…

Fashion for Less

If you go for fashion, night bazaar is a place to be. Shirts, blouses, dresses, gowns, pants and all.

Pearls for Sale

If you fancy for pearls and stones, it has to be in night bazaars that you can find good deals for good prices as well.

Red Meat

Then foods…

Fried Grasshoppers

and exotic foods…

Colored Beverages

and of course,  drinks!

Or if not for shopping, night bazaars are simply the place for walking while doing window shopping, meeting people, learning more on Thai culture and yes – taking pictures.

enzo 🙂

Men love to play with kitchen utensils.


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