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One of the things that I missed back home is the food that is simply ours. Foods that just suit the Filipino sense of taste – the likes of dinuguan, karekare, adobo, lechon, etc. Not that I dislike Thai foods, … Continue reading

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Proud Uncle

Last Friday I received an unexpected text message from my niece – Langlang¬† telling me that she and Honey will be finishing school with honors. That news just made my day considering that last month I was totally disheartened with … Continue reading

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The O’ Slashers’ V Party

The so called “winter” in summertime¬† only lasted for three days or two. Just as we began to enjoy the coolness of the weather, the summer heat returned depriving us of lingering more hours in our beds. So again, I’d … Continue reading

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Temperament and Personality

The Sanguine The Sanguine is receptive by nature and outgoing. He is usually called a ‘super-extrovert’. This temperament is usually thought of as a “natural salesman” but they also tend to enter professions that are outgoing such as acting…Click the … Continue reading

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Today’s Message

Tonight’s Bible Study was as usual very enriching. The message that Bro. Reggie shared to us centered on the BODY OF CHRIST referring to the believers of JESUS¬† as the parts of the whole body each assuming different kinds of … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Japan

Photo Courtesy: In Focus Three days ago, Japan was shook by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which was by far the worst to hit the country. But this quake was not the main culprit that brought thousands of death and millions … Continue reading

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