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Tonight’s Bible Study was as usual very enriching. The message that Bro. Reggie shared to us centered on the BODY OF CHRIST referring to the believers of JESUS  as the parts of the whole body each assuming different kinds of roles. This topic highlighted four other sub-topics – (1.) The Function of the Different Parts of the Body of Christ; (2.) The message of the Body of Christ; (3.) The Different Personalities of the Saints; and (4.) The Character of the Body of Christ.

If I am to give a gist of the entire discussion, it would be this: Different religious denominations are all parts of the whole BODY of CHRIST each functioning differently but equally significant in the fullness of God’s kingdom here on earth. And if we Christians will realize this  and will learn to acknowledge this fact, division and rifts caused by religion will no longer exist but only UNITY despite diversity.

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