The O’ Slashers’ V Party

The so called “winter” in summertime  only lasted for three days or two. Just as we began to enjoy the coolness of the weather, the summer heat returned depriving us of lingering more hours in our beds.

So again, I’d say – It’s summertime in Thailand.

And when the sun is at its best, one can only wish to refresh himself in the chilly waters whether in the beach or in the nearest pool which made the Pool Party a perfect way to celebrate the victorious feat of the Orange Slashers in the recently concluded P’lok Pinoy Sports Festival.

It was a Sunday, afternoon, 20th of March,  at the Amarin Lagoon Hotel. The Mana SLASHERS, also known as the team ORANGE rekindled friendship  and sportsmanship while immersing themselves down at the hotel pool. It was a way of reliving the fun, the laughter, the winning moments of the sporting activity participated in by the Filipinos in Phitsanulok and its surrounding places.

I was there and so were Ate Lea, Iris, Joy, Ate Detdet, Katkat, Reuben, Dennis, Chow and Kuya Joms. We had visitors too – Ate Fe, Lala, Kuya Boboy, Patrick, Brian, Neng, Mheng, Lottie, Andy ,Hergy, Steve and Sean. Food was abundant and the place was filled with our laughter. FUN! Indeed it was.

Yet, the party didn’t end in there as we extended it in Joy and Pat’s residence and yes, we did  sing the night away. We came to realize that the Slashers aren’t only good at playing but in singing as well. Had there been any singing contest, Mana shall have been hitting it.

The Sports Fest may have ended but its aftermath will have a long lasting effect. It’s the friendship that was created and the bond that was established.

Till the next season!

enzo 🙂


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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One Response to The O’ Slashers’ V Party

  1. iris says:

    luv this one, enz…can’t wait anymore for our next escapade…out of town…surely,8 will be a blast!!!

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