Proud Uncle

Tito's Girls: Langlang, Lorebel and Honey.

Last Friday I received an unexpected text message from my niece – Langlang  telling me that she and Honey will be finishing school with honors. That news just made my day considering that last month I was totally disheartened with a very disappointing news involving another niece whom I expected to graduate from high school this month.

Honey (Grade 1) is receiving the highest honors of her class while Langlang (Grade 4) is bagging the second honors. I am happy to know they did well in their academics and I am hoping they will continue to excel until high school. I told them before that if I see their enthusiasm with their studies, I will not hesitate to back them up with finances even until college.

It has been my dream to help my nephews and nieces achieve their ambitions even when I was still a student myself. I guess, this has been one of my driving force why I pursued to earn a degree amidst limited resources. I have always wanted to be a part in achieving thier goals in life just so at least they will not have to go through what I had experienced before. I would like to believe that I already have started to fulfill this promise but have not seen positive results so far only disappointments.

Somehow, this good news I got has revived this fading zeal within me to include my nephews and nieces in my future plans. But this time, they have to show me that they deserve all that I have to give. I don’t expect for too much anyway, I just have to see their genuine interest and determination to finish till the finish line. Medals and honors will be just then a bonus which will greatly be appreciated if  there would be any.

enzo 🙂


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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