Amazing Thailand: Chiang Mai

Day 2 – The Royal Park Rajapreuk  –

Outside the Walls

As the second day of our Chiang Mai escapade unfolded, my friend-Hergy and I readied ourselves for the day’s itinerary. Our outfits of the day was themed “floral”. After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, we  headed to the Royal Park Rajapreuk – a beautiful man made paradise teeming with numerous kinds of flowers of all sorts of colors.  The place is such a beauty that we just wanted to capture every place and every corner of it with our camera. We spent half a day roaming around admiring everything that catches our eyes.

Down the Hills

There was nothing extraordinary about the flowers in the park. They were the common flowers you see anywhere in this place. Those were even very common in the Philippines but what is admirable about it is the way the gardeners  put them  together in such a very artistic way creating an extraordinary look one could not help but feel in loved with what nature can offer.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

My words are too limited that I cannot give the whole picture of what the place looks like. These photos taken from my little camera may give you a wider view of the place but if they don’t serve you well – you may visit it yourself and experience Chiang Mai in this really amazing Thailand.

Click this link for more: Royal Park Rajapreuk

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2 Responses to Amazing Thailand: Chiang Mai

  1. herdz says:

    amazing thailand!

  2. Cash says:

    Bitin ko.. Y a short feature?

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