Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

Son and Dad taken from Google Images.

The moment we assume our role as breadwinner in the family, we automatically take all the responsibilities that go with it. When we were young, we only wait for and take what our parents provide for us – clothing, food, shelter, etc. but this time as they have reached their old age, things have change dramatically.It is but a challenging role.

Providing clothes for our elders isn’t really a problem in the sense that they do not anymore demand for the trendy ones. More often, they do not even ask for new sets of shirts or jeans because they are already contented of wearing their old-fashioned wears. The greater budget goes to food and health allowances for reasons that I need not explicate further.

Then how about shelter? This may not be a problem had the house they started to build years ago was completed, but because it wasn’t, the task is all mine now. Supervising a house renovation from afar is not easy. I always get this feeling of doubts and uncertainty about the quality of the job and the efficiency of the workers. I don’t only need power workers for this matter but power tools that would bring out the best quality of work that is worth the price I paid for.

Just so somehow, our old folks would be able to to see what they had started and be able to live in it during the remaining sweet days of their lives.


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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2 Responses to Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities

  1. Fa ' Fern says:

    It’s a beautiful picture :}

  2. impressive Enz!!! your folks must be so proud of you….

    for me, i dont feel obliged or so, but it;s more on expressing my gratitude to them….

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