Tuesday Travels: Phitsanulok – Pinoy Haven

The birthplace of King Naresuan – the Great; home of the most beautiful image Pra Buddha Chinnarat ; the place of plunging waterfalls are just some of the tourism slogan of Phitsanulok, a province of the Northern part of Thailand, a city yet not so much devoured by the angry teeth of civilization. I call it a haven of Filipino teachers.

For a year and one month now, this place has nestled me lovingly. It warmly welcomed me a year ago and since then it keeps me with its nurturing arms. Its people are warm and very congenial. The place is just what and where I want to be – a little metropolis but people still live in an austere lifestyle. Not only that, it is also gifted with many natural and man-made tourist attractions some of which I have already explored and featured in my past blog posts.

Here are some more:

Photo Courtesy: Click Art Photography.

Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat or Wat Yai.This monastery, commonly, called by the inhabitants as “Wat Yai”,is the most important monastery of Phitsanulok. The home of the Famous Phra Buddha Chinnarat. It is located at the foot of Naresuan Bridge on the city side of the river.

Photo Courtesy: Joma Cordova

Phra buddha Chinnarat. The Phra buddha Chinnarat is regarded as the most beautiful Buddha Image in Thailand visited by Thai tourists as well as foreign guests. 

Photo Courstesy: Joma Cordova

The Nan River By Night.  This is where most important events of the city is held. During ordinary days, Thais and foreign visitors come here to jog around or simply spend the hours idly while enjoying the cool breeze.

Photo Courtesy: Click Art Photography

The Amarin Lagoon Hotel. The hotel boasts landscaped ground, lush garden, a fitness centre and a swimming pool. This is where most Filipino pool parties are held.

This is just a glimpse of the place where I simply exists right now. The place where I continue to carve my own little place in the sun while making those little and big aspirations  happen.

Welcome to Phitsanulok, Thailand!


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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105 Responses to Tuesday Travels: Phitsanulok – Pinoy Haven

  1. i will be standing in these awesome places …soon 🙂

    wd lor 🙂

  2. Andii Lei says:

    cool place. 🙂 i love the nan river. ❤

  3. Brian Ihong says:

    good article cher lorenzo…:D Keep it up!! 🙂

  4. Juan Carlos Gomez says:

    Couldn’t be luckier, I spent 10 months in this beautiful city, Phitsanulok is my 2nd home now 😀 ขอบคุณมากพิษณุโลก!!!!!

  5. eric says:

    breathtaking pictures… job well done kuya!

  6. Tatang says:

    by how you describe it in your blog lorz, the place seemed so peaceful, lovely and warm.. and it somehow enveloped you to become more poetic and sentimental…… keep up lorz… the road is still long… i know this is just one of your stop-over… a temporary place to vent and get energized again for the next road you are going to take 🙂 God bless my friend 🙂

  7. hanah says:

    what a beautiful place…:)

  8. rio rose jane ladaga says:

    nice place sir…. very in touch ka sa history nila.. i wonder, ganu kaya kalalim ung pool?? sarap lumangoy..:D

  9. What can I say, I’ve been blessed staying in this place. I have fallen in-love with this place. This place is my home. You can find everything here. There’s no need to look somewhere else. There are malls and stores that cater to all your needs. Natural and historical wonders are in abundance here. Away from the hassles and bustles of a typical city is what I love in this place.
    I met wonderful people along the way and it made my stay in this place more worthwhile. Guess am gonna stay here for a very long time 😀 This place is a wonderful place to stay.

    I could never ask for more.

  10. Donald says:

    truly amazing! how i wish i can see on my own eyes!

  11. nico says:

    awesome blog sir, very informative :)) sana i can go there sometime haha

  12. Lucky jane says:

    wow!!!love the places..wish i could visit those…nice one sir lorenz!

  13. jew says:

    i love Phitsanulok

  14. ReYrAi says:

    A place for everything, everything in its place..That’s Phitsanulok, not only that i found a job here..I also met people that touched my heart..

  15. Gladys P. Naquila says:

    it’s a wonderful place…. want to be here someday…

  16. may says:

    Good job kuya enzo…Philok is such a wonderful place 😀

  17. Mark Anthony says:

    wow nice photos sir! want to visit there again with my family. Probably one of the best pics of Thailand I’ve ever seen!

  18. I couldn’t agree more on the comments of the people in this blog..Phitsanulok is really my home now. Been here for seven years and there’s no where in Thailand I can compare this place with…Great article my dear friend, Enzo..looking forward for more blogs later on.

  19. Mary Hope says:

    Wow Enzo…. Nice photo huh! Dreaming to see this in real superrrrrrrrrrr Luv it!

  20. Stranger says:

    Reading this blog made me feel so alone..:( I miss Phitsanulok! Thanx kuya Enz for sharing and will be waiting for your next blog….gudnyt..xxx

  21. andy says:

    napa ka Thai naman ngaun hehehe

  22. brian james says:

    Nice article….

    The place, i think is a bit of a combo. Nurturing modern people and at the same time preserving its precious landmarks…

    What more could one ask for? Phitsanulok is truly amazing!!!

  23. steve says:

    “P” hitsanulok ,with letter “P” as PARADISE..It is a 2nd-tier city and I heard that it is the 4th most-livable city in Thailand..

  24. Tirat says:

    I miss Phit’lok!! mak mak

  25. ate tess says:

    awesome …magnificent work of you Teacher Lorenz. Congrats ! Good work talaga!

  26. Matchlessmortal says:


  27. Lira says:

    I really love Phitsanulok…I am so blessed that I am working here. Good job, Enz…keep it going! God bless =)

  28. aldwin says:

    :)))))))))) nice.

  29. Louie says:

    Oh Nan River…

    perfect setting for a wedding proposal…I can hear wedding bells…

    @ Kuya Lor ; take me there…hahaha

  30. Loubeth says:

    Well,being in Phitsanulok is indeed a blessing. Hoping to visit these attractions someday.Nice work kuya Enz….

  31. bhegzz says:

    such a wonderful place lor keep exploring 🙂

  32. Fatima Alaan says:

    nice nice!!wonderful places kuya enzo:))
    nice Nan River …

  33. honey jaysa says:

    Your article shows how rich and colorful Thailand’s culture is. …really worth-visiting….

  34. mike says:

    wow…..hope i can visit this place soon

  35. ART says:


    i’ve been waiting for this obra! the word “awesome” is not enough to describe your work. keep it inviting! looking forward for more 🙂

  36. Beth C. Robles says:

    a place that feels like family, the warmth of home that is! Thank u mucho Phitsanulok for embracing me with ur magnanimity & charm! Hope to have more sparkling years with u.

  37. cecelle says:


  38. Paulo says:

    Phitsanulok is definitely my second hometown. I could have some whimsical thoughts about going the distance, but the simplicity of life in this province and the amiable character of the people have proved/proven Phitsanulok’s irresistible charm!

    Thanks for sharing, Enzo!

  39. richie embajadora says:

    nice place..very romantic..hope someday…i can go and see that place…..love 8..

  40. hairyman2881 says:

    the lifestyle really is simple…i do wanna live in this kind of place when i get older…

    Thank s for sharing Enzo…

  41. hiro says:

    cher the pool is so cool! hehehe. wen can we go there? hahahaha 😀

  42. hmm..i love phitsanulok..wish i could have a job in phitsanulok..=)

  43. sheera says:

    beautiful highlights , ill add this on my list 🙂

  44. away from the buzzling life of bangkok, Phitsanulok caters the word “relax” in its fullest sense.

  45. away from the buzzling life of bangkok, Phitsanulok caters the word “relax” to its fullest sense….nice work, Enz!!!

  46. André Peña says:

    makes me wanna come here!

  47. rhea says:

    wow!! what a wonderful place..wish to visit there lor soon..weehehee.stay blogging lor..keep it up always..take care!!!my batchmate

  48. Alexis Pineda says:

    awesome blogpost sir! 🙂 makes me want to come and visit phitsanulok someday.. 🙂

  49. marga says:

    really awesome! must go there before i die! :))

  50. liz Gt says:

    Thailand is a great place to visit indeed especially the province of Phitsanulok. I am really curious to see their rich culture, diverse architecture as well as their art and dance. I can’t wait to visit this place someday. And to the Fiilipino teachers who are working there…Kudos to you all !!! Take care.:)

  51. liz Gt says:

    Thailand is a great place to visit indeed especially the province of Phitsanulok. I am really curious to see their rich culture, diverse architecture as well as their art and dance. I can’t wait to visit this place someday. And to the Filipino teachers who are working there…Kudos to you all !!! Take care.:)

  52. Such an informative article, sir. Everything has been said. Couldn’t add more.

    Thanks for the post!

  53. arnel s. albur says:

    nice places for the tourist sir……..sana makapunta din ako dyan…..sarap magrelax sa pool…..ahhhhh……..

  54. cheryl says:

    such a picturesque manner of blogging.
    for the imaginative reader, the words are already enough.
    the beautiful photos are a plus.:)
    don’t stop amazing your readers, enzo!

    i’d been to these places again and again and this blog makes me appreciate them more. so for those of you who haven’t taken any glimpse of the highlights of phitsanulok, whether day time or night time, the arms of the city is widely open to see you go around and discover its inner beauty.

  55. Annie Tangpos says:

    Whew! nice captures! and… wonderful places to go. Are you the one creating this blog? congratulations dear! This is awesome!

  56. Jans Fuertes says:

    awesome article kuya lorenz..keep it up.. 🙂

  57. cheryl says:

    by the way, there are cruise restaurants along nan river by night. pay only the food and drinks you order on board. you can book ahead or walk in. there used to be just one but i happen to see a new one by day, too. and for those who love to go around the city by night, take “sam lo” (tricycle) tour and enjoy a touch of europe and great time for relaxation.:)

  58. GC Joy says:

    niCe kuya!!,..,paanhaa pud diha ya.,.,.,.hahaha.,.

  59. Orly M. De la Cruz says:

    Nice place to stay.

  60. eloise_says says:

    wow!!!!!! these places are awesome. i can’t believe i have never heard of them. it’s a great place to have a vacation 😀
    weeee… 😀

  61. feb chua says:

    ayyyy….iyat…..gatambay mo dwe sir?

  62. Jing Resabal says:

    wonderful! bring me there dong 🙂

  63. Andy says:

    kakasawa na dun wala na ba ibang place. mas maganda sana ikaw mismo kumuha ng photos

  64. maxx says:

    the places may not be as attractive as the rest of thailand’s tourist areas, but read the stories behind each picture and see an after image no specialised camera can shoot.;) nice work, you got here.

  65. Andy says:

    Did you ever attend any journalism classes? ….. You can do the job. Philo an adventurous place.

  66. weng says:

    wow!…nice place esp the pool..

  67. Joel says:

    Amarin Lagoon Hotel is one such escape..Perfect !Kudos dong..

  68. sweetyyyyy says:

    Are these the places you will take us if we will go there? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok! plan it again when. It should be before ate bell will go back to phil….. plan it ASAP. 🙂 weeew, i can’t wait to dive in that Nan river thing. lol! are we allowed to swim there? jejeje!

  69. eds says:

    Indeed a magnificent and a lovely place, where you can stay ….I love the Pitsanulok not only the place but also the people live there are hospitable and AWESOME ;))

  70. zoan says:

    I have visited Thailand last year, sayang di ko napuntahan yang place mo. super ganda pa naman

  71. neverbn2me says:

    paglibrehon nako nimo padulong dinha renz, isuroy nya ko here ha. thanks daan!

  72. Aer Tolentino says:

    Wow! Such a heavenly place… Nice photos, nice composition… Everything is awesome…

  73. Preeya says:

    Why don’t you write about my school? It’s just opposite Nan River. And what about Thai noodles there are lots of great restaurants along Nan River. Have you ever been around there? The noodles are very delicious and the price are reasonable!

  74. kristina;) says:

    wooooow….! luv d spots..esp.d Nan River..so nice 2 have a walk with ur “BOYFRIEND”(though i don’t have 1=)) hope I can have a trip here in thailand, I love travelling 2 other places and see those wonderful spots which makes them famous..un4tunately hanggang pinas pa lang ako.

  75. baby jane says:

    wow its a really nice place especially for those who wants to relax their minds,. i hope i can go there… =)

  76. blissie says:

    …beautiful place.. warm people…a piece of heaven on earth…
    nice work renz..hope to see this place for real 🙂

  77. … if ill pay u some visit , treat in Amari Lagoon will be pretty much appreciated… 😀

  78. enzo says:

    bellea: not only Amarin Lagoon but all the places I am featuring here plus and more plus and more plus…

  79. Jun says:

    Looking forward to visit this very beautiful and breath-taking place.

  80. Ayvee says:

    Breath taking!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to see this place someday:) Thank you for the visit:)

  81. john says:

    wow.. daming comment ha…what a coincidence I have a friend ENZO rin.. nasa thaliland also

  82. marlon says:

    hi..wonderful place to visit…

  83. joannah lakampuenga says:

    ey such a cool place! 😀

  84. tophil rafallo says:

    so nice… how i wish i can be there. well, when i will be a nurse soon, i can go there

  85. jasmin says:

    nice one Kuya Lorenz….thanks for showing us these scenes love it!!!!
    .the river with the lights surrounding it was sooooooooooo romantic,,,,

  86. lerah says:

    splendidly described… i would surely like to visit Thailand again just to see Phitsanulok…

  87. has it spared me a space to stay in sometime soon? hahaha….would love to be with the bunch of teachers nurturing the thai children sometime soon, God willing! 🙂

    nice magnum opus, cher.

  88. bruce says:

    Wow. Who captured this? Nice place.

  89. cm says:

    how i wish to be thre kuya 😀

  90. people says:

    the places are so cool. xD

  91. lotmags says:

    nice place……….see how God gave knowledge to those people who design this wonderful place…hope to see this place..huh Great..

  92. Jacob says:

    Yea, it’s a very ‘laid back’ city, but still with lots of great entertainment venues. And it’s not to far from the ‘angry teeth of civilisation’ if you wanted to spend a weekend there.
    Great blog Enzo. You’ve got a skill for writing.

  93. andrey says:

    wow…papang took some photos! Phitsanulok a recycled city…

  94. Sai Esdrelon says:

    Such a beautiful place 🙂 Nice article Sir Lorenz. Such wonderful places

  95. shing says:

    Great feature, lor! U’ve given me clear idea on where to go to if i given a chance to visit Thailand..:-)

  96. nosajmik says:

    its a nice place…hope to be there soon…

  97. By just looking at The Nan River picture, i’m sure anyone would love to visit it.
    Awesome blog post Sir! 😀

  98. Jack says:

    Phitsanulok is the most beautiful city.I was born in Phitsanulok.I know that Phrabuddhachinnaraj is the most beautiful in the country…

  99. shyrene says:

    it’s so nice…how i wish i could be in this place someday……

  100. jessen pomera says:

    Very Beautiful place. I’ll be in a tour in this place, someday 🙂

  101. jason says:

    WOW! such splendid places! superb article!

  102. princes says:

    A very big WOW ! it’s a very beautiful place.

  103. janet says:

    104 unique comments. wow! winner! hehehe. Thanks for sharing about your place. Thailand is indeed a beautiful place. I think each town boasts of something worthy of visit.

    Thanks for joining this week’s Tuesday Travels theme.

    Our next week’s theme is: feature your favorite hang out ( favorite mall, resort, park, resto, etc.)

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