Son of a Beach!

Philippines is an archipelago gifted with natural bounties. Each of its 7100 islands offers its guests with numerous attractions to explore. Pearl of the Orient Seas as it is called, is a haven of natural wonders such as captivating volcanoes, majestic waterfalls, and sparkling white sand beaches.

This week’s theme of Ate Jan’s Travel Diva is all about favorite beach destination and this gives me the chance to share those beaches I have visited and beaches that I wish to go one of these days.

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Bohol – Panglao Beach. This is one of Bohol’s prides aside from its Chocolate Hills, Bol-anon hospitality, century-old churches and delicious “calamay”. Its waters are just so inviting that I wasn’t able to resist diving into it despite the scorching heat of the 10 o’clock sun.

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Palawan. Honday Bay, Starfish Island.  This is just one of the many islets any tourist can visit in Puerto Princesa, Palawan passing Dos Palmas, Snake Island and many others. We spent a day of swimming here and did we catch sights of fish, starfish and well, Andre caught or was she caught by a jelly fish? I bet this is one of her unforgettable beaches.

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Camiguin. White Island. Camiguin takes pride of its various water forms. You name it – cold spring, hot spring, waterfalls, and of course, the best of them all – the White Island. And because this is just a small island, you can actually just hop from one body of water to another without the need of changing your swim wear.

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Siargao. Cloud Nine Shores. How could I ever forget my 29th birthday celebration in time with the school’s mid summer tour in this famous surfing island? Well, my friends and I never missed the surfing experience. It was fun and thrilling indeed to stand on the surf board once the surf assistants push you through the waves. I’m sure Jinky, Belle and I stood on board once but Regino just didn’t make it…ooppss… 🙂

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Boracay. But this one is a place I have yet to visit  someday. This will be one of my next beach destination.  Soon, I will be in Boracay to experience its night life in beach and submerge in its cool blue waters.

Photo Courtesy: Google Image

Batangas – Anilao. This last one is another beach destination I should never miss. My beach life will never be complete I guess if without me experiencing what Batangas can offer. Who knows, I might be lucky to get invites from my friends from there. Hmmnn…

And I’ll make sure that I will be ready with my own  camera so I could properly take coverage of the whole SON of a beach experience.


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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42 Responses to Son of a Beach!

  1. andy says:

    i love the Philippines- it’s natural beauty – God’s gift 🙂

  2. Jiggsm says:

    I love the title:D very catchy. Well written article.

  3. Andii Lei says:

    i miss siargao. ive been to siargao, but ive never seen waves that big. it wasnt surfing season when i went there.

  4. Bevs says:

    how i wish i could visit even one of these beaches…guess i’m not that lucky to be a “son of a beach”, i mean “a daughter of a beach”. =)

  5. hairyman2881 says:

    add Anawangin Beach…It is one of the most popular beaches now in the Luzon area. Aside from its pristine water, its panoramic beauty can be enjoyed by anyone who loves nature.

  6. Hazel says:

    I personally liked Camiguin amongst all the tourist spots mentioned.the fact that it’s a pride of mindanao, the place is magnificent.White Island, it is.So nice.I want to go back in Camiguin.It’s a place where you go to relax and free your mind from stress.

    Btw, Hahaha.the title of this article caught my attention.Haha.This article is good, the description of every place was brief yet it makes the reader get excited.Thanks writer!

  7. Alma says:

    How i wish i can visit even 1 of this beaches soon….yes,i love these pictures,very nice &it looks like very quite & peaceful..

  8. blissie says:

    very nice article enzo….keeep on writing… 🙂

  9. teddy says:

    I miss Philippines! I’ll make sure that i’ll be able to visit one of the mentioned beaches… This article reminds me that Philippines is far beyond compare. A paradise that has a lot to offer.

  10. tejan says:

    love it all here:) infairness I’ve been there..yap all those beaches there! I’m the bitch of the beach.. yey..hehe!

  11. Jessica says:

    Hi Brother,
    Philippines is truly blessed with beautiful beaches. I am happy that I have been to one of your favorite beach, Camiguin. Dropping a line for TT. Please drop me a line too at

    Take care,

  12. bev says:

    philippines is indeed a home of beautiful beaches….dropping by from TT…

  13. iris says:

    “I love my own” so definitely I highly recommend the Panglao Beach…Though personally it’s not my favorite beach in Bohol ( primarily because there are still other beaches which are far more mesmerizing yet unknown to the tourists). Some of which are the Balicasag Island, Pamilacan and Cabilao Island.

    One need not to go to Maldives or cruising along the Carribean islands, Philippines has so much to offer!!!!

  14. marlon says:

    NIce place..BONGGA!

  15. bhegzz says:

    beach!! love it so much.. been in panglao actually love it!!

  16. princess says:

    Among the beautiful beaches mentioned, Boracay beach is really my favorite. You will never regret if you visit the place. The white sand, the rides, the view and the beautiful sunset really catches my heart! Panglao beach and Balicasag Island in Bohol are highly recommendable too. Philippines is a PARADISE. And I’m very proud that I’m one of those lucky persons to get the chance to see the beauty of it. 🙂

  17. edsky:)) says:

    Nice article.. I like the the title “SON OF THE BEACH” catchy talga:)) Philippines is very rich in Natural resources:))

  18. edsky:)) says:

    very good article:)) keep it up Enzo.. maganda rin ang Aurora Quezon, part ng Baller:) kasi hidden paradise din yun place:))

  19. first four beaches… been there! i cant even tell which is the best because i just love them all… indeed PI… son of beaches!!! 🙂 nice one lor 🙂

  20. Nancy Guigue says:

    I have been to two of these wonderful summer getaway enz…panglao and camiguin! they’re indeed a haven to be proud of…with its pristine beaches, friendly locals, the tasty and delectable foods, one could not ask for more…

  21. shing says:

    Since i started finding my luck in this foreign land, i’ve never been to beaches anymore…:( we are indeed very fortunate for being blessed with numerous natural let’s help maintain and preserve our country’s pride..

  22. Renz, why not SUN OF A BEACH?

  23. Jing Resabal says:

    nice Dong! I remember what happened to Andre in Palawan hehehe….. I really enjoyed our surfing experience. I stood up twice Dong hehehe after how many tries. Thanks to our guide :-). I love those beaches! I hope to visit Boracay, too. Oh, i miss you dong and the rest of the group!

  24. mike says:

    Wow…Thank you dong enzo for this wonderful information about Son of a beach in the Philippines..:)

  25. jan raineir dy says:

    Philippines is surely blessed to have these gifts…but why don’t we seem to appreciate what we have..we never see the beauty os something as long as it id from our beloved country…foreighn countries envy us but why are we not proud of it?….com’on!…raise the flag of our country and proudly shout that we are PINOYS…God bless Philippines!!

  26. Juan Carlos Gómez says:

    guess I’m adding the Phillipines to my pending places to vist list 😀

  27. MICHELLE says:

    THUMBS UP! i had been to bohol and camiguin…hopefully i can visit the other beaches (in my dreams..hahaha) are really doing a great job….you’re such a journalist………keep it up!!! ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES…

  28. claire says:

    Wow!!! These are wonderful places. I have gone to Camiguin White Islands. These place is really the best in Camiguin. Aside from its water, you will be amazed also by the beautiful corals and fishes just above the surface of the water. Have been to all these places lor?

  29. Bestfriend says:

    I’ve been to’s really awesome beaches..

    I want to go to Bohol..thats my dream beach…

  30. ennaira_zoe says:

    oh, my!!! this is unkabogable!!! i super like it!

    Highly recommended man..two Thumbs up! :-bd :-bd

  31. Cash says:

    Just as how frustrating Philippines in the field of economy…well,well,well,these beaches here as just a few of those left undiscovered yet enough to show God’s greatness..oh i so love these places here…thanks for the post kuy..can i reproduce this?ako ni iforward beh sa mga gusto movisit pinas,pwd?

  32. marga says:

    I seriously want to go to these beaches, too bad there is not much time 😦 Family’s busy. Oh well. Soon enough, I will be rich enough to bring myself to these places HAHAHA Kidding 😀 Anyway, IM PROUD TO BE PINOY. Our beaches rock \m/

  33. gcjoy says:

    ,pagka-eyecatcher sa imong title ya,.,.haha,.,.hope to visit those beaches soon.,soon,.,.soon,.,..:) ,.,

  34. Queenie says:

    wow! :)) Philippines is really majestic and wonderful.. I’m glad to be a filipino 🙂

  35. jonchel_fran says:

    love it, you’re really a nationalist at the same time with a spirit of patriotism….keep it up…hope u could invite more foreigners by this!!!!

  36. lyzyl says:

    Before I end this short-lived breath, I hope to tour around the marvelous sunny beaches of the Philippines. I hope to spend my retiring years travelling and having fun with the natural wonders of my beloved land.

  37. lyzyl says:

    I like the title…i actually ‘mislooked son of a beach” i though ‘bitch”…honestly i though for a while..and then I realized it’s wholesome..hehehe..thanks enzo

  38. delfin says:

    It’s a great accomplishment for Enzo in coming up this site. It’s truly fascinating seeing the varied rich bounties our country offers to everyone, not only for the local tourists but as well as for the foreign ones.
    I, MYSELF have not yet gone to those beautiful beaches but I’m looking forward to it especially now, it has been vividly featured by Enzo’s which awakens my curiosity to wonder the truly scenic spots…

  39. the beach concept is really great.. it reminds me that it is the only place where you can really relax and feel mother nature’s gift… a kind of happiness which can’t be explain.

  40. wow. amazing beaches! been to camiguin… next on my list is palawan. 😀 (i wish)

    Thanks for joining last week’s meme.

    This week, our theme is to post your travel photos (places only, please). Here’s a sample:


  41. Chie of AWOA says:

    I’ve only visited two beaches here in your list – Palawan and Boracay. I’ve been wanting to visit Bohol but no budget yet. Nice share.

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