Discover Bankrut

The giant Buddha in Bangsaphan Temple

Aside from Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand has a lot more undiscovered travel destinations that are worth visiting far from the maddening hassles and dazzles of the city. Prachuap Kirikan is one of them. It is a province situated 190 kilometers south west of Bangkok. This province is one the many places often visited by local and foreigners with its beaches and mountains and surroundings endowed with natural beauty.

A long way up to the Bangsaphan Temple.

October 2010 when the whole Foreign Language Department of my school took a trip down south going here and we headed in one of Prachuapโ€™s small beach town called Bankrut. We stayed in a resort right in front of the white-sand beach and I had the chance to experience sunrise and sunset on the roof top of that cozy resort we checked in.

The view atop the cottage we stayed in.

Added to the relaxing ambiance is the superb sea food we feasted on since day one. The Bangsaphan Yai (Temple) is one of the must-see places in here where a gigantic Buddha image is built overlooking the beach and the towns nearby.

Someday, I might just come back to experience Bankrut once again.

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24 Responses to Discover Bankrut

  1. … sure to be an added place of my longggg itinerary… and hua hin is near this place ๐Ÿ˜€ happy long weekend dong ^^

  2. nice place..i wanna go there

  3. andy says:

    hindi pa ako nakarating dyan hehehe

  4. Garsu :) says:

    wow! Make yourself available this weekend kuya lorenzo coz you’re going back to this place with me. Bankrut here i come. weeew!

  5. Garsu :) says:

    Make yourself available this weekend kuya lorenzo coz you’re going back to this place with me. Bankrut here i come. weeew!

  6. feb chua says:

    ahahah…ilaag jud mi nimo jah sir…aw..:D

  7. Cash says:

    Is this your temple?,it looks like one…i wanna have sidetrip their as soon as i can go home…Just like one of the setting of the novel “the forbidden castle”

  8. building48 says:’s a great place to visit.I’ll do a calendar for this.

  9. meeshell says:

    white beach and seafoods!! wooowww!! kelangan ko yan ngaun..

  10. gae nya ko pinaskuhan ha\

  11. iris says:

    wow..I’ve never been there but it’s quite interesting to try to visit this place maybe in the future… The Wat looks splendid.. I thought it was one from Chiangmai’s because of its stairway….

  12. iris says:

    how about posting some pictures featuring the white sand beach or the “feast” as you call it… I’d love to see those stuffs…

  13. nice place cher.. wish i could go there someday..

  14. princess says:

    A very nice place to visit! Wonderful. I would like to have it as my temple and I will be the princess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Richie embajadora says:

    Nice place….I’ve never seen this b4….soo big..Buddha …ad2 nay ko kn naa ko kwarta..:)

  16. Wish we can have our field trip there!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Wish we can have our field trip there!!! It’s good for learning… ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. ennaira_zoe says:

    soooo nice! pwede masuya?

  19. Such a great place, sir. I was wondering if you could lend me some of your uncountable bundles of money. I really wanna go there but due to extenuating circumstances of having nothing lol….I can’t! Cool post, anyway!

  20. Lira says:

    A very nice place to visit…how I wish I could go there!

  21. We’re here in Hat Yai.. but haven’t been to Prachuap yet , though nka dungug na ko ana na place… tsada ilang beach ddto?

    Here’s my My Tuesday Travel entry – Hanoi, Vietnam .. hope you can drop by!:)

  22. janet says:

    Thanks for joining last week. Hope to see you again this week. We are still on travel photos so get your travel photos ready. Linky will be up in a while.

  23. cristine says:

    how i wish i wil b there….

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