Pah Thot (Fried Fish)

Here’s a deep fried fish from Penung Steak Haus here in Phitsanulok. There’s nothing fancy about the kind of fish but what is delightful to the eyes is the tempting way of serving it plus the spicy sauce that perfectly goes with this delicious recipe.

Thanks Andy for this treat.

Enzo here reporting for Tuesday Travels.


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A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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20 Responses to Pah Thot (Fried Fish)

  1. shywen says:

    The fish look like tilapia, maybe it is since Thailand and Philippines is not to far to each other..

    • enzo says:

      Yes, Shywen…it is tilapia indeed…and not only that, this place like the Philippines is also abundant with dalag and hito…and are cooked in different ways —- thanks for dropping…

  2. mirage2g says:

    Presentation surely makes or break an appetizing dish….I’d like that with rice please! 😀

    • enzo says:

      Agree! And Thais are just gifted with this kind of art…turning even a not so delicious meal into one by its grandeous presentation…Thanks for the visit mirage2g…

  3. Siguro enzo Pinoy ra jud ko ug taste.. I prefer Thai yummies that aren’t ‘halang’ hahaha … dropping by sir for TT…. see you 🙂

    • enzo says:

      … and i think vernz my taste buds have become so much similar to thais…di na ko ganahan mukaon ug way halang… 🙂
      thanks for dropping miss vernz…i appreciate it…

  4. neverbn2me says:

    pwede mag pa deliver ani sa Cebu, renz? ^^ i really like fish.

  5. neverbn2me says:

    and i like it hot and spicy. ^^

  6. Joyieandjp says:

    Would love to try that and be featured at . Nice post, sir!

  7. Marites says:

    looks like Filipino food but am sure it tastes different, must be yummy too!

    • enzo says:

      tes…the fish is a lot similar to ours…but they have a different sauce here that spells the difference…it’s spicy but really appetizing…

      thanks for the visit…

  8. Nice presentation and fried food with spicy sauce. A winner in my opinion.

    Visiting via Tuesday Travels.

  9. shrqz says:

    This fish already lookyummy and the cucumber are sliced creatively. great entry

    • enzo says:

      It’s the presentation that matters right? No matter how simple the dish can be…artistry can make a difference…

      Thanks for dropping by…

  10. Rcel says:

    That is so yummy– fried fish! 😀 My fave!

    Tuesday Travels visiting! My share this week is a story of THREE STARVING INDIVIDUALS HITTING THE the Asian Buffet. Lol. I hope you can come and visit me, too! 🙂

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