Miss Angola is Miss Universe 2011

Miss Angola is Miss Universe 2011

Her fate has been determined and she is from this moment the new Miss Universe 2011 who will reign for the whole year and she is the beauty from Angola – Leila Lopes. I must say she deserves it. Of course, it is not a bad finish for the pride of the Philippines, Shamcey Supsup who gave a very quick and smart answer to the question, ” Would you change your religious principles in favor of the person you love?”. Anyone among the Top 5 deserves to win anyway, they were beautiful and intelligent.

Congratulations to Miss Angola and her court.

Here’s the Miss Universe 2011 Final Results:

  • Miss Universe 2011                                        – Angola
  • 1st Runner-Up                                               – Ukraine
  • 2nd Runner- Up                                             – Brazil
  • 3rd Runner- Up                                             – Philippines
  • 4th Runner- Up                                             – China



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2 Responses to Miss Angola is Miss Universe 2011

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  2. benjie says:

    To Miss Angola,..CONGRATULATIONS…

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