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A British Friend from New Zealand

Yesterday I met a new friend named Sue, a British woman who has lived in New Zealand for many years already and is currently in Thailand to work as a teacher. Quite a traveler right? Yes she is. Officially, yesterday … Continue reading

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Frustrated Blogger

One of the joys of being a blogger is when his site has gone up the ranks in the most popular  ranking sites such as Google and Alexa. Having high ranks would mean the site has already gained readers and … Continue reading

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A Car for Summer

It is summer once again here in Thailand. The heat is at its best that it even penetrates deep down the jacket I usually wear. It is at this point in time that a motorcycle rider like me would wish … Continue reading

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Muay Thai VS Stun Gun for Self-Defense

While I was waiting for the bus for Phuket last week, I met Gary from Liverpool, United Kingdom who was also going in the same route as mine. I learned that he has been in Thailand for five years now … Continue reading

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