Saving for the future

I’m trying to focus myself on saving this time. It is something that I haven’t done all through these years of working. My money just come and go and I just realize that it’s ridiculous that until now I don’t see something authentic as an investment. Yes, money comes and then goes to drain just like water in the sink. I have read in an article sometime in the past that one of the secrets to getting rich is to save then invest. By saving it means to delay some of your immediate impulses and divert them into something that won’t cause you to spend. It means choosing to buy something with a lesser price that will give you the same satisfaction as with that something with a higher price. The reason I was not convinced to apply for a credit card is because I don’t want to give in to my impulse buying attitude, instead I have a Visa prepaid debit card so I can still keep track and take control of my expenses. You see, with credit card, you can even spend your credit limit in just one day but with this prepaid debit card, you have to make sure that you will only spend the amount that you have so saving is really possible.


About enzo

A teacher by profession who makes reading as his past time. He has been addicted to facebooking until he decided to make worthy of his time by writing blogs.
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