In the Spanish culture of pride wherein the continuity of name matters most, I am named after my father LORENZO believing that the last born son will be the bearer of the the only legacy he can bestow upon his children, so therefore I am baptized with the name – LORENZO M. CABALLES, JR. , the youngest among 7.

Birthplace: Esperanza, Agusan del Sur.
In a little secluded place of that humble abode called Bentahon, I was born and raised. Enveloped by austere way of life, my childhood was that of a typical innocent little boy where every full moon becomes a joyous occasion in the neighborhood because my elder brothers and sisters with their friends gathered in the wide yard to play “patintero”.

I never know, there was a wide wide world out there. Back then, TV was a totally foreign object and to ride in a jeepney was a heaven. “Lampara” was the only thing we had to illumine our nights. What we had was a small battery operated transistor radio where I used to listen to radio soaps and from there I got familiar with the song – “yesterday”.

Birthday: May 26
It is always a special day when this day comes. Just as the flowers of May blossom and children go to the chapel to offer flowers for the Virgin Mother of God, I was blessed to be born on the 26th, after surviving the intentional act of abortion of both parents which was done to save my dear mother as she wasn’t feeling right while she was conceiving me. Pretty sad story but I bet, by now they are just so thankful they didn’t succeed of getting rid  of  me as a fetus.

enzo – today

– is a teacher by profession…

a good friend…

– a farmer and a city builder

– and a part time blogger…


3 Responses to ME

  1. Mercy says:

    Really?applause for’re indeed a survivor!saludo ko sa im0 kuy..u never keep pains

  2. afreel says:

    you are also a fighter..that why ilove you!missing you friend! 🙂

  3. T.O.Allen says:

    I’m glad that you weren’t aborted also. My belief is that every fetus is a person, and deserves the right to live and contribute whatever was planned for them. You are an asset to both your parents and the lives you touch. Good luck, and God Bless.

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